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Low Cost - High Reliability

Connector World supply Sure-Seal® Connectors. The one piece resilient body and rugged multiple moisture seals make Sure-Seal® connectors a natural for applications where outside contaminants must be excluded. Sure-Seal is reliable and uncomplicated. Only two parts are required to complete a connector: the connector body, and the contacts.

Sure-Seal® was developed to address safety regulations for connectors used in automobiles. Since then they have been successfully used in a broad range of environmental applications where a small, low cost connector is needed. These sealed connectors meet or excede the US Department of Transport requirements for shock, vibration, temperature cycling, salt water spray and immersion, petroleum derivatives, industrial gas, all the while insuring low milli-volt drop and low contact resistance. Existing applications include motorcycles, automobiles, boats and a wide range of demanding off-road vehicle uses.

Sure-Seal® will operate in temperatures from -40°F to +221°F under conditions of high humidity, severe vibration, ice and mud. Sealing integrity is maintained with exposure to brake fluid, gasoline, diesel fuel, anti-freeze, ultraviolet, ozone and steam.

Download the Connector World Catalogue of Sure Seal ConnectorsCONNECTOR WORLD CATALOGUE OF Sure Seal® CONNECTORS

What is a Sure Seal®?
Sure Seal is a unique line of inexpensive sealed electronic connectors for use in harsh environment applications. Sure Seal uses innovative technology to keep costs low while providing a submersible seal that is resistant to water, fuels, and chemicals. Sure Seal Connections Cross-Section

How does it seal?

The connector body is injection molded PVC Nitrile. Each connector is molded as a single piece with multiple sealing ripples integrated into the body. As a result, only two parts are required to form a complete environmental connector: the body & the contacts.

Wet, humid, or dirty environments requiring a low cost, small and reliable sealed connector including: Automotive, Trucks & Buses, Marine, Off-road Vehicles, Appiances, Industrial Machinery, Low Voltage Lighting Systems.

Features and Benefits of using Sure-Seal® Connectors

Simple design Easy to understand and use (Nothing to go wrong)
Sealed to IP67 Will reliably seal out contaminants in wet applications.
Chemical resistance Can be use in hostile environments
UL/CSA Recognized Hassle-free, immediate product acceptance
Low Cost Save money, yet get the benefits of a fully sealed connector system.
Easy Assembly Easy to use - save time and money
Automated Tooling Ultra-low cost, high-volume assembly capability
Millions of Sure-Seal in use Proven product. You can rely on Sure-Seal
15 to 85 amps Broad electrical operating range
-40C to +105C Ozone resistant. Can be used outside
Complete line of accessories Flexibility: Can use Multi-Conductor cables, connector locks, panel mounting, etc
1-10 circuits Wide variety circuit configurations

Sure-Seal® Is available in 3 versions:

  1. Basic Sure-Seal® - the broadest and ideal for most applications.
  2. Mini Sure-Seal® - provides a slightly smaller connector in a limited range of configurations.
  3. Power Sure-Seal® - is for single circuit, high power applications.

How To Select Sure-Seal® Connectors and AccessoriesSure-Seal Connectors

  1. Choose series: (Sure-Seal, Mini Sure-Seal or Power Sure-Seal).
  2. Determine the number of circuits required per connector:
    • 1 to 10 in Sure-Seal
    • 2 to 4 in Mini Sure-Seal
    • 1 in Power Sure-Seal
  3. Select connector with appropriate number of circuits.
  4. Select Sure-Seal body style (inline or flanged plug and receptacle).
  5. Select connector accessories:
    • Boots, Mounting Ring, Mounting Plates, Mounting clip, Wire Hole, Filler, Holding Blocks)

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