Miniature Circular Connectors

  • Crimp rear release contacts, miniature circular, bayonet coupling.
  • Wide range of uses from general purpose to aerospace application.
  • Shell sizes 8 through to 24 with a variety of insert arrangements from 2 - 61 contacts.

At Connector World we distribute a wide range of Mil-C-26482 Series II Connectors.

Download the Connector World Catalogue of MIL-C-26482 Series 1 ConnectorsCONNECTOR WORLD CATALOGUE OF Mil-C- 26482 SERIES 1I CONNECTORS
The pdf document includes Ordering Information to Consider, Wiring Service Data & Information on Protective Metal Caps


MS 3470
Narrow Range Receptacle

MS3470 Narrow Flange Receptacle

MS 3471
Cable Connecting Receptacle.

MS 3471 Cable Connecting Receptacle
MS 3472
Wide Flange Receptacle
MS3472 Wide Flange Receptacle

MS 3474
Jam Nut Receptacle.

MS3474 Jam Nut Receptacle

MS 3475
Straight Plug RFI Shielding

MS3475 Straight Plug RFI Shielding

MS 3476
Straight Plug

MS3476 Straight Plug

If you are unsure which Mil-C-26482 Series II Connectors to order,
please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.